TU Digital Badging Initiative

Connected, verifiable credentials represented in portable image files

Badges are visual tokens (icons) of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationships that are sharable across the web and industries. They represent a more detailed picture than a CV or résumé as they can be presented in ever-changing combinations, creating a constantly evolving narrative of a person's lifelong learning. Badges create standards for skills that can be recognized by potential employers.

TU Student studying in dormStudents can use badges to showcase their talents, knowledge, and skills earned both in the classroom and out of the classroom. Incorporating badges to display achievements and accomplishments allows future employers to have a better understanding of the student's experiences and education.

Digital badges (e-badges) are a validated indicator of accomplishments, skills, qualities or interests that are earned in various learning environments. They accumulate into a visual, digital portfolio called an e-portfolio which will help students stand out at their internship interview, on their graduate school application, or at their job interview. Badges are a type of e-portfolio which creates a learning record that provides actual evidence of achievement and can be used to showcase accomplishments and learning.

With TU Connects, you can easily associate badges with your TU courses, education, experiences and accomplishments.  Badges can be shared via social media, or via your custom profile page – you can even add training to your profile that is earned outside the system. Badges will help you demonstrate your abilities in a variety of environments and platforms.

TU currently has a list of badges with a description and the accomplishments needed to earn the badge.

Time Management Badge
Time Management
Learners earn this badge by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of self-control, organization, attention to detail, goal setting, growth mindset, time management, and persistence.
Data Analysis Badge
Data Analysis
Learners earn this badge by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of data science tools and technology, acquiring data ethically, analyzing and interpreting data.
Team Building Badge
Team Building
Learners earn this badge by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of communication, collaboration, motivation, productivity, and morale.
Communication Badge
Learners earn this badge by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of how messages are used to generate meaning in various forms of contexts, platforms, channels, cultures, and media.
Leadership Badge
Learners earn this badge by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of guidance, empathy, authority, direction, inspiration, motivation, and vision.
Negotiation Badge
Learners earn this badge by demonstrating evidence of communicating formally with someone in order to reach an agreement.
Service to Community Badge
Service to Community
Learners volunteer at events and student organization officer/leadership involvement which enhances your abilities to assist others throughout the community.
Public Speaking Badge
Public Speaking
Learners exhibit effective public speaking skills and knowledge through presentations both in and out of the classroom.
Creative Thinking Badge
Creative Thinking
Learners earn this badge by creating original works, poems, articles, assignments, projects, or papers.
Problem Solving Badge
Problem Solving
Learners earn this badge by developing methods or strategies to address a particular problem.

We will be continuously updating the available badges, so make sure to bookmark and check back frequently.

If you have an idea for a new badge, (click here) to give us feedback.

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