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Customizing workforce development and skills preparation relevant to Ohio


Creation of an innovative approach to corporate connection and Tiffin University through cooperative identification, design, and delivery of relevant workforce development solutions.


The purpose of TU CONNECTS is to advance the economic prosperity and well-being of Ohio by assisting in the development and preservation of a quality workforce and by serving as the hub for regional and statewide profession-based workforce development and skills education initiatives..


This is to be achieved, first through the understanding of Ohio’s industry and business needs and then through industry and business co-development and customization of education and training that meet those needs: Current and future, through distinctly alternative initiatives that are economical and relevant.


  • Connect Tiffin to Ohio industry and business communities and allow them to lead in identification of wants and needs, and then assist in providing solutions from new employee onboarding, supervisory training, to executive coaching.
  • Expand to new markets that are seeking economic alternative learning to build on professional skills, industry certifications, and focused industry solutions.


  • TU will make partnership seamless and gratifying and has a commitment to discover and verify initiatives with Ohio industry and business.
  • TU is committed to working in concert with industry in order to provide specific workplace solutions.
  • TU is staying true to its core mission of linking knowledge to professional practice; we are now offering distinctive alternatives for individuals to attain this educational experience.

For more information email tuconnects@tiffin.edu.

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