Leadership Institute

The TU Leadership Institute is an evolving program that looks at leadership and the function of leadership within an organization. The base program currently consists of 6 major modules, is approximately 16 hours over 3 days. TU Connects can provide the base program or work with you to co-develop and customize a program for your organization.

The base modules include:

1. Coaching for Performance

This module will introduce the concepts of coaching and performance and why coaching is an essential “management” style to improving performance among employees.

Specific objectives are to help participants:

  • Comprehend the concept of coaching and how it differs from traditional management practices.
  • Understand your individual behavioral tendencies and how these affect others.
  • Understand, respect, appreciate, and value individual differences and how these differences can actually create synergistic organizational teams.
  • Enhance individual effectiveness by improving your relationships with others.
  • Develop strategies for working together to increase productivity and effectiveness.
  • Be able to create a culture of meaning, purpose and accountability.

2. Conflict Management

This module will introduce and help participants understand conflict in the workplace. Improved understanding of the complexity of this topic will enable participants to improve their understanding of various conflict managing modes, their associated skills as well as the impact of the situation on all conflict outcomes.

Specific objectives are to help participants:

  • Become more aware of their own conflict style and analyze their effectiveness in different situations.
  • Recognize and understand the conflict styles of others so that they can respond in a more productive way.
  • Assess conflict situations and apply the most appropriate modes.
  • Practice using different conflict managing modes to expand their skill and effectiveness in dealing with conflict.

3. Creativity and Innovation

The most successful companies excel at innovation: Moving from idea to impact. Generating ideas and collaborating across your organization to implement them can create growth opportunities and sharpen your competitive edge.

Specific objectives are to help participants:

  • Understand what creativity and innovation really mean.
  • Describe creative thinking and the creative process.
  • Discuss personality dynamics of creative people and how the brain works into creative thinking.
  • Debate disruptors and myths about creative thinking.
  • Explain the creative process and tools for creating new ideas.
  • Discuss individual and organizational creative enhancers and how to support an innovative organization.

4. Customer Service

FiSH! is set in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, where the types of scenes the participants view in the video actually do take place. FiSH! is a motivational video that teaches it is possible—and even beneficial—to infuse your workplace with energy, passion, and a positive attitude.

Specific objectives are to help participants:

  • Be introduced to a Customer Service philosophy used at a fish market in Seattle.
  • Understand that customer service is about internal (employees/associates) and external customers.
  • Determine ways in which they can incorporate enhanced customer service philosophies in their organization.
  • Learn that customer service can really be Fun!

5. Negotiation

This module will introduce and help participants understand that negotiations are a part of everyday life. Understanding the art and process of negotiations improves the chance for success in every facet of life. These skills can be learned and improved upon with practice. The process of negotiations is not difficult but it does take time to master.

Specific objectives are to help participants:

  • Improve awareness of the process
  • Assess current skills
  • Suggest strategies for improvement

6. Time Management

This module will introduce time management skills and help participants actively manage their time more effectively and efficiently. Participants will learn why time management is critical to workplace success.

Specific objectives are to help participants:

  • Learn how time management can apply in all facets of your life.
  • Be introduced to techniques for more effective time management.
  • Learn about the Time Management Matrix.
  • Understand how to apply various time management tools for more effective outcomes.

Available: Upon Request

Price: Upon Request

Certificate of Completion Available

Information on how to sign up for an on-location, facilitated program, contact tuconnect@tiffin.edu