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ReynCon was created to create a sense of community by bringing together security practitioners and individuals who want to build their skills, whether new to our field, building skills for growth, or a more cross-functional skill-set. Our training and consulting services allow us to work closely with our clients to help organizations solve real business problems! We align our offerings to help organizations build more robust information security programs rationally.

Cyber Security Training and mentoring is a large part of helping organizations mature their teams and provide more profound knowledge from business, risk-based approach to the technical details. We take pride in being agile and working closely with our clients to provide meaningful training to help build their team’s capabilities.

TU Connects and ReynCon Educational Services and Training are teaming up to offer a series of one hour cyber security webinars

Security for Remote Employees

This training should and needs to be given to all your employees, “It only takes one mistake to put you at risk”. Have you considered testing your employees to see how vulnerable they are to … phishing, etc. Do your teams understand the importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Identity Access?

Program Info

Date: July 23, 2020 - 3:00 pm EST

Price: $50

Audience: Any employee that is working remote temporarily or permanently.

What Executives and Board Members Need to Know About Cyber Security?

This course is an introduction to key components that executive leadership/the board should know and understand to make more informed decisions and ask the right questions to their security teams.

Program Info

Date: July 23, 2020 - 9:00 am EST

Price: $50

Audience: Intended for senior leadership teams and board level executives to provide general business security awareness training and establish effective communication with IT departments.

Small Businesses Security

This course will cover some top tips that a small business should consider and think about from a strategy perspective. How do you protect your business, your customers and your data from ongoing threats?

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Date: July 23 - 12:00 Noon EST

Price: $50

Audience: This course is intended for small business owners to provide general business security awareness training.